Youth Ministry

Myths about Youth Ministry:

  • Very often someone will ask, “What is in your programme for youth?   We at Portlethen Church are very aware that the programme or syllabus is not all that is important.   What is essential is the quality of relationships which can be built up in the youth group setting.
  • Or some folk may be impressed by the size of  youth groups, the guest speakers brought in or the amount of money they have in their budgets.  In the Gospel according Matthew Chapter 18:20 we read that Jesus said, ‘Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.’   The size of a group is of no relevance to Jesus.   Relationship building was at the heart of Jesus’ ministry and everyone was special and to be welcomed.

We at Portlethen Church believe that the Christian Church is based on relationships, not on a syllabus and that most teenagers don’t stay in a youth group because of the syllabus but because of the quality relationships which they can learn to build.

We know that we are working with young people who are beginning to make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives so we respect, affirm and encourage the life of each young person who comes through our doors.

We are privileged to work with them.   We are privileged to learn from them too as many young people will have experienced much in life that we as leaders have not.   We are all on a pilgrimage together in this life so we share our life stories.

The powerful life of Jesus is shared with young people in our youth group.   Here they meet Jesus of Nazareth through the stories in the Bible and learn about the way of life Jesus spoke of and lived.

Support and nurture is what we learn from Jesus and how he built relationships with those around him, especially the poor and rejected in society.   Jesus’ ministry was an open ministry.   No-one was left out in the cold.

In our youth ministry we follow in the footsteps of Jesus and study life and seek the life in abundance which Jesus spoke of.

There will be much fun, excitement and challenge in the youth group.

If you think you would like to join the youth ministry team please contact the Mrs. Alison Harris Tel   Your call is awaited.

All our leaders undergo safeguarding training.

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